Local Clinic Offers Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment

This safe FDA approved treatment is Safe and Non-Surgical and Immediate appointments are available. Many notice pain relief in just days. No referral is needed, you can call directly. We are Medicare and Insurance providers.

 OKC- For many with knee pain this could be a very important article. It will give you the information that could possibly relieve or eliminate knee pain. This treatment has helped many people relieve their knee pain WITHOUT surgery.  Also, it will help you determine if you are a candidate for this FDA approved treatment.

Why Knees Hurt

As people get older the lubricating fluid in the knee joint dries up, the cushion degenerates in the knee and the bones can start to rub together and over time the pain can be excruciating. This is often called “arthritis” or “Bone on Bone”

Non Surgical Knee Pain Treatment

This FDA Approved, Non-Surgical  treatment adds a special lubricating gel directly into the arthritic knee joint.  Its like adding the lubrication back in to the knee joint like it had years ago. Long before the knee pain.

After research and years of successful clinical trials the FDA approved Hyaluronic Acid lubricating injections as a non surgical treatment for those wanting knee pain relief. Other non surgical treatment options and therapies are also available.

If Someone Answers Yes To One Of The Following Questions They May Be Eligible For A Private Knee Arthritis Screening 

  • Painful, stiff knees in the morning?
  • Painful going up or down stairs?
  • Have “bone on bone”?
  • Pain while sleeping?
  • Need or already had surgery?

The treatment is a basically painless injection into the knee joint and the healing process begins. The “gel” bonds with naturally occurring joint fluid to create a lubricating and cushioning layer in the knee. This can reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling of the joint.

It is like adding “joint oil” to your knee, which has been lost because of osteoarthritis. It is like having a shock absorber in your knee joint that can provide cushion in the knee joint. This can allow for reduced or sometimes pain free movement.

Imaging Is Important

Some Doctors will NOT use digital imaging or Ultrasound during the injection procedure. This means the Doctor had to “guess” and “hope” the lubrication gel went in to the correct spot.  At Oklahoma Medical Clinic our Providers use a diagnostic machine (like a camera that can see through your skin)  that shows inside the knee joint “in real time” so we can actually see the lubricating gel as it is injected exactly into the knee joint exactly where it is needed.                       

 Is It Safe?

Yes. This treatment is FDA approved  only takes a few minutes and requires no surgery or dangerous medications. There is no down time and someone can resume normal daily activities when they leave our office. Other non surgical treatment options are also available.

It Is Very Important To Not Wait

 Our Providers have performed thousands of knee pain treatments since 1999 and clinical experience shows that the sooner someone receives treatment in many cases dangerous surgery may be avoided.  

How Do I Get It?
Oklahoma Medical Clinic located at 10317 Greenbriar Parkway 73159  in Oklahoma City would like to invite you to a Private screening, if you are curious, to determine if you are a candidate for this non surgical knee pain treatment.   All you have to do is call 405-679-3741 right now and tell the receptionist you would like your Private “Knee Pain Screening”

 We can only accept a limited number new patients each month so if you are interested call now 405-679-3741.

If it is after hours or the weekend call now. The answering service will time stamp your call and we will reserve your spot as one of the people for this month. Our office manager will return your call the next business day.

Your screening will take 25-30 minutes…you will get your questions answered and leave knowing if you have possibly found the solution.

Want More Proof?

Click this link to read real stories from our actual patients that relieved their knee pain